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Project Viridis:

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Reaching our goal helps us to purchase supplies and cover shipping costs on our carefully curated planting packages used for our program.

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Project Viridis:

This program was designed to encourage social engagement through adventures in nature. Participants will gain exposure to basic gardening skills and grow their choice of indoor/outdoor plants. There will also be opportunities to interact with nature and develop practical skills while engaging with the community through various workshops & events. Event details are posted on our events page. Due to the constraints of the current times, we are shifting part of the program to a virtual platform. We will need to pay for program supplies and shipping costs in order to help make this program accessible to our participants. Helping us to reach our goal ensures that we are able to provide the tools and instruction needed for this program to successfully operate.

Thank you for believing in us. We hope to accomplish what we have set forth to do - and that is to make a positive, long lasting impact for years to come.

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'' Building a World Where Special Needs Like Autism, Can Thrive While Celebrating Our Differences With Love.''

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