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Chances are you know someone with Kidney Disease. And there is a high chance that they may not be aware. Since the disease has little to no symptoms in its early stages, Kidney Disease is hard to detect without a proper screening. Without early detection, Kidney Disease can lead to kidney failure and dialysis.

Research shows that people with kidney disease have an increased risk of COVID-19 infection and severe symptoms. Now more than ever, it is important for people who have kidney disease to be aware of their condition and take the appropriate precautions.

Texas Kidney Foundation (TKF) provides FREE early detection screenings, and education and support resources to help slow and prevent the progression of kidney disease in our state.

With your support, we will continue to save lives in more than 13 Texas counties.

About Chronic Kidney Disease:

• Kidneys filter waste and extra fluid from the body. Chronic kidney disease is the gradual loss of kidney function.

• 7 million adults in the United States have chronic kidney disease (CKD).

• Hypertension and diabetes are the two leading causes of chronic kidney disease.

• African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans and Pacific Islanders have a higher risk of developing CKD.

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