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CONVERT 60 UNITS IN 2021. Because building takes years and locals need homes now, BSCHT requires funding to incentivize second homeowners to convert their vacation rentals into long-term rentals for locals.

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Building enough homes to address the housing needs in our community will take years. However, an immediate solution is to convert some of the thousands of existing vacation rentals on the market into long term rentals for locals. The increase in lucrative vacation rentals has eliminated homes once available to locals, contributed to high property prices, increased competition, and escalated rental prices to over $1,000 a month for a bedroom.

In 2020, BSCHT launched its RENT LOCAL program and partnered with Landing Locals to establish a web platform to assist second homeowners by screening local tenants and offering alternative accommodations for owners who wish to visit Big Sky. To date, RENT LOCAL has converted nine units.

RENT LOCAL Owner Incentives 2021

As locals desperately need homes now, BSCHT needs to increase RENT LOCAL's conversion rate and plans to add significant incentives to the program in 2021. Potential, new incentives may include:

  • discounted property management services with a la carte pricing options.
  • increased financial security when choosing to rent directly to a local business.
  • cash incentive for property owners who convert a vacation unit into a home that hosts local workers. (Owners must commit to a one-year lease. The extra funding helps cover any deficit owners may incur by switching to long term renting.)
Three Ways to Join RENT LOCAL

1. DONATE: Make a financial contribution to help BSCHT incentivize current income property owners to host local workers instead of vacationers. 2. RENT LOCAL: BSCHT partnered with Landing Locals to assist owners with long-term rentals. List your unit with Landing Locals and find reliable, local tenants. 3. HOME SHARE: Loan your vacation home for a few weeks to BSCHT to be used as an incentive for other condo owners renting full-time to locals. Your home share donation allows other owners to both rent their unit long-term and visit Big Sky. Please notify BSCHT of your home’s availability at

In 2020, BSCHT held a housing lottery thanks to a generous family who donated two investment homes to be rented by Big Sky locals in need. For lottery winners Marsha Barker, Brian Pringle, and their daughter Charlotte, winning the lottery meant living with less anxiety. (Click to read the full article in Lone Peak Lookout.)

Big Sky Community Housing Trust is a tax-exempt public charity (federal tax ID #84-3391892). All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your generous financial donation.