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ANW Annual Fund: Places, Everyone!

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Renew your gift today and support ANW as we prepare to reopen and welcome you back into our home in the Fall.

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Places, Everyone!

Dear Friends,

“Places, Please!”

For our acting company, that phrase sends an immediate shock of adrenaline surging through the body. It brings with it a concrete realization that in just a moment, the lights will come up and we will step onstage to continue practicing an art form that is thousands of years old, a ritual that is every bit as alive and vibrant today as it was with the first production of Oedipus in 429 BCE.

But the past year gives new meaning to the phrase: “Places, Please!” “Home, Please!” “Together, Please!” “Community, Please!”

There is no theatre without you, our audience. We need each other as the dancer needs the partner, as the painter needs the brush, as the conductor needs the orchestra. We desperately miss this partnership, and long for that day (soon!) when we are all in the same place, bathing in each other’s energy, telling and hearing stories of the ages.

We are ramping up now, busy with preparations for a fall opening. In order to light up the stage with the gusto that you expect and deserve, we ask for your support. The pandemic has had a major impact on every level of what we do, so we thank you for your continued support of A Noise Within, including this Annual Fund campaign, designed to help us re-open as strong as ever.

In years past, you all have donated to A Noise Within to support our programming and productions, and we hope you will consider renewing that generous gift. It would provide us with stability during a time where funding is less secure on all fronts. We have been excited for months to prepare for our re-opening, where we can safely bring you all together again and share art, have fun, and be in community. Thank you again and tune in for our announcements coming soon about the fall. Just as the stage manager tells the actors, we are sending out the call to you, our audience, “Places, Everyone!”

With gratitude,

Geoff Elliott and Julia Rodriguez-Elliott

Co-Producing Artistic Directors

Our staff is working hard to prepare the theatre to welcome back our lovely audience and supporters. Here are some of the things we've been doing behind-the-scenes so we can welcome you home:

  • Our ventilation system has been commercially cleaned to provide as efficient airflow as possible.
  • We have professionally assessed our HVAC system and confirmed that our ventilation settings meet high public health standards
  • All of our staff, ushers, crew, artists, and other ANW representatives will be required to be vaccinated (barring a medical or religious exemption)
  • We will follow all required CDC, state, and county guidelines when re-opening the building
  • We have an extensive safety plan in place, including 3 trained Covid compliance officers focused on keeping our community safe
Want to see our first step in preparation?

Watch the video below to hear from Spectrum News 1 on how we are bringing the artists back to film our virtual productions!

Copy and paste here!: https://spectrumnews1.com/ca/la-west/arts/2021/04/24/a-noise-within-sends-cast-back-to-wonderland#

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