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Provide Essential Infrastructure for Drinking Water at the Nature Preserve

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Our goal is to provide potable water for visitors and adequate water supply to quench thirsty seedlings that will one day provide pristine, native habitat.

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The Cache Creek Conservancy: Planting with Purpose

The Cache Creek Conservancy is dedicated to the restoration and enhancement of the Lower Cache Creek and nurturing people's connection with nature. This work is accomplished through the environmental education and habitat restoration programs opening doors to community involvement, including traditional land management practices. These efforts take place at the Cache Creek Nature Preserve near the city of Woodland, California, situated in the homeland of the Wintun people.

Our small staff teams up with passionate volunteers and generous sponsors to provide our community with:

  • ecosystem services like protection from wildfire and flooding, cleaner air, healthier soil, and safer water
  • lush native plant life that supports thriving wildlife populations
  • an introduction to Wintun culture and history
  • a safe space for children to develop all of their senses, get dirty and explore
  • revitalizing recreational opportunities that increase quality of life, and mental and physical well-being

This December, we invite you to join forces with us, our volunteers, and current donors to support the stewardship of precious outdoor spaces in our community.

"Every noble achievement is a dream before it is a reality just as the oak is an acorn before it is a tree."

~Patience Strong

Please support our goal of providing potable water for visitors and adequate water supply to quench thirsty seedlings that will one day provide pristine, native habitat. To do this, we anticipate deepening the existing wells and updating infrastructure with energy-efficient models; a project which will cost about $16,000. At the Nature Preserve, there is currently no drinking water available for visitors and a single, temporary hand-washing station is available near the restroom facilities. Establishing young plants is inefficient with inadequate equipment.

Please consider donating today. Your gift will help support habitat establishment at the Cache Creek Nature Preserve and provide a long-overdue, clean water supply for visitors.

In addition to the wells improvement project, you may also consider supporting one of our ongoing programs. A donation to the Cache Creek Conservancy helps cultivate a thriving ecosystem for all to enjoy at the Nature Preserve and in the Lower Cache Creek watershed.

Cache Creek Conservency is a tax-exempt public charity (federal tax ID #680374372). All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your generous financial donation.
Your magnificent $1000 gift would cover half the cost of one new solar-powered, energy-efficient well pump that will improve our irrigation system and ensure the adequate watering of young, vulnerable native plant seedlings.
Your incredible gift of $500 would provide the casing pipe for one well, which protects the well walls and prevents groundwater contamination.
Your amazing gift of $250 will sponsor a field trip of 25 students to learn about and enjoy nature. Cache Creek Nature Preserve provides a setting for thousands of children to explore environmental education each year.
Your marvelous gift of $150 will provide irrigation supplies for 1/2 an acre of the Nature Preserve. These supplies, including sprinkler heads and pipes, are critical for the care and survival of the hundreds of young, delicate native plants.
Is free access to the Cache Creek Nature Preserve worth $10 a month to you and your family? If so, please consider a one-time $120 tax-deductible donation to help keep the gates open.
Your generous $75 gift will pay for one pound of native wildflower seeds that will provide a prime source of sustenance for native pollinators and colorful, cheerful displays in the spring for your viewing pleasure.
Your kind gift of $50 will pay to increase the depth of the existing well by one foot. The combination of deeper wells and upgraded pumps will improve irrigation and greatly increase the survival rate of seedlings at the Nature Preserve.
$25 per month
Resolve to make a difference for a whole year.
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