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Help Us Help Poverty-Stricken Families Move to Self-Sustainment

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Reaching this goal will allow JDIN staff to have the tools needed to help students and families move into self-sustainment through having basic needs, support the programs and services, as well as keeping the lights on. Please scroll down.

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Our Story

Just Do It Now is the main resource center for Wharton County, Texas, and their goal is to work with the poverty-stricken, at-risk, low-income families, and those of all ages to help them move into self-sustainment with self-pride and confidence.

Even though Just Do It Now offers programs for all ages, their main focus in on at-risk, low-income/poverty-stricken students to provide their basic needs such as food, school supplies, seasonal clothes, help with family situations, and counseling, and much more. Most importantly, the organization provide programs and services that change their lives.

So many of these young people have held their heads down, without confidence, without self-pride, and often with shame. If we do not reach them, they often grow-up angry, start acting out, fighting, and drugs and alcohol become a habit. These youth often end up in the Wharton Juvenile Detention Center.

Yet, if Just Do It Now can reach them, and bring them into their programs that offer mentors, tutors for their education / school studies, sports programs where they learn to be a team player and follow the rules, anti-bullying, self-care, problem-solving, social skills, emotional self-control, faith-based morals and values, and a lot of attention that they do not receive at home, these same students that were once known as 'throw-away kids' graduate from high school, and go on to further their education. They also start standing-up straight, head erect, the anger is gone, and they become contributing members of the community. This is what Just Do It Now does, they change lives as the whole family moves into self-sustainment.

Support for the Whole Family with Programs and Services

Just Do It Now also has programs for the whole family, many of which are slowly re-starting with COVID decreasing and things are getting back to normal. These programs include job training, parenting skills, social and emotional skills, food program, on-site food bank, emergency housing, career training, and much more.

But first, before a family can move forward, basic needs have to be met, so instead of the family struggling to put food on the table or to keep the lights on, they can focus on programs offered at Just Do It Now to become self-sustaining.

Greg Baines, Founder of Just Do It Now.

The founder of Just Do It Now, Greg Baines, faced many challenges and addictions in his early years and after he got his life back on track, he wanted to help others that were headed down the same negative road he had once walked. Hence, Just Do It Now was born. Even though Greg passed away many years ago, those involved with the organization continue his Christian faith, his love of people and his passion to help those facing life's burdens and challenges. Just Do It Now became a non-profit in 2000, and in the past 21 years, the organization has continued to evolve and change to meet the needs in the community through program and services that are continuing to be added and reviewed.

Just Do It Now Inc. is a tax-exempt public charity (federal tax ID #760653261). All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your generous financial donation.