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Embracing Philadelphia's Future - Honoring Greg Webster

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Raising $1,000,000 in honor of Greg Webster will enhance our ability to serve youth, allowing us to provide in-person and virtual Literacy and STEM programs, a safe place for kids to learn during the virtual school day, and healthy, hearty meals

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Help Us Honor This Champion For Bold Change

Join us in Embracing Philadelphia’s Future! As stewards of this historic city, we can never lose sight of those who have had the courage and strength to do what is right for the kids who need us most. Help us pay Tribute to our Champion and Hero, Greg Webster of PMC by donating today. Greg’s deep history as a past President, Champion and Hero of the Boys & Girls Club has helped this organization evolve into one of the greatest youth guidance and development organizations in the city and country. For over 134 years Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia has provided safe environments and enriching experiences to help Philadelphia’s children meet their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. Thanks to support from leaders like Greg Webster and people like you, we have provided stability and support to Philadelphia’s youth when they need it the most. In an unprecedented year that has caused turmoil and distress nation-wide, for the children of Philadelphia, matters are even worse. The daily challenges of poverty, an inadequate educational system, hunger, and neighborhood crime and violence have been intensified by the COVID-19 Pandemic. In our communities, unemployment, food insecurity, and violence have skyrocketed, with homicide rates across the city increasing by 27%, unemployment growing by 217% and food insecurity rising by over 40%. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as our kids and communities faced a tidal wave of uncertainty and fear, Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia adapted our programs and services to restore a sense of security, peace, and goodwill for the kids who need us the most. Working with the City of Philadelphia and Philadelphia Housing Authority, we have provided over 200,000 emergency meals in 15 locations since March 23rd, 2020. In April 2020, we launched our Digital Experiences for Youth (DEFY) Club virtual program, engaging over 550 youth in daily STEM, Literacy, and Recreation Activities. On July 6th, we reopened our doors to safely provide in-person programs at a time when our communities were most in need. Currently, we serve over 690 youth at 15 locations, providing full-day programs to assist youth with the virtual school day, serve healthy, home-cooked meals, and engage youth in daily Literacy and STEM programs to prevent long-term learning loss and academic disengagement. Our Clubs offer children in Philadelphia a safe haven where they can learn, and grow into productive, caring responsible young adults.

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