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Supporting Students on Washington, DC Trip 2022

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We need $9,000 to support students going on DC's educational trip to Washington, DC. With these funds, each student will get luggage, hygiene items, a t-shirt, souvenir spending money, and a backpack and school supplies for the upcoming school year!

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Our Story

Each year the Dominican Center takes students from Amani and chaperones on a trip of a lifetime to Washington, DC.

With this trip, we hope to:

  • Inspire action - Some students in Amani have never traveled far beyond thier neighborhood. A trip to Washington, DC can show them life and opportunity at the nation's capitol, inspiring future careers in politics, teaching and more.
  • Spread education - Students will not only visit "the room where it happens" during the White House tour, they'll visit national monuments and learn about the history of our nation. They'll also visit museums, landmarks throughout Washington, DC, and a tour a historically Black College.
  • Create lasting connections - Students will be able to experience a trip of a lifetime with peers from their own neighborhood and make friendships that will last beyond the trip. Students will also make connections with adult chaperones, tourism professionals, and senators and elected officials.

For more information about this trip to Washington, DC for Amani students, please call 414-444-9930 contact Jerusa at

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