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Urgent Cambodian Sustainable Food Program

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This US$56,000.00 will fund our project to help 200 rural Cambodian families to advert famine due to COVID-19 impact. Tracker -- Donation received so far: $6,000 of $56,000 (including donation from our website.

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Our Story

It has been twenty-two months since Cambodia has lived in the grasp of the Coronavirus. All major segments of Cambodia’s economy are affected. Most Cambodians work in factories, tourism, or farming. Due to the pandemic, factories are either closed or cut back. Worryingly, agriculture export severely curtailed and tourism (which accounts for 37% of the country’s GDP) is currently nonexistent.

Many Cambodians have exhausted their savings, taken out personal loans, and sold their personal belongings to survive. Cambodia lacks the social welfare system to support their citizens during such an unprecedented event. The governmental bureaucracy also makes international assistance hard to reach the people in need.

Here, at Phoenix International Foundation, we have regularly traveled to Cambodia since 2018. Through our relationships with our Cambodian partners, we developed a grassroot Emergency Food Sustainability program to support the immediate needs of several villages on the brink of hunger.

The Food Sustainability focuses on the potential in individual business proposals as well as the oppurtunity for cassava farming. The program will be providing interest free loans, and technical assistance for families to establish family farms. Each farm will be able to provide food and income to sustain a family. The original loan will be repaid over a year. This return of investment will enable us to grow the program and to support more families.

Our first phase is to provide support for 200 families in the rural villages in the Siem Reap region. Our projected budget (not including volunteer times) is US$56,000.

There are widespread discontent among citizens and uproars are frequent. Impending famine is now a distinct possibility. We must act now to avert the humanitarian disaster.

This is a grassroot effort that will be supervised by Phoenix International Foundation and our local partners.

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