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Making 2022 the Year of HOPE

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Help us put on a third "Best Day Ever" Princess Photoshoot this year!

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A Mission with a Message: HOPE

Six years ago, 11 year old Ella Integlia sent a message to the world about what defines beauty. Ella wrote a letter to American Girl, asking them to create the bald doll. She wasn't aware they had a bald doll in production, as it wasn't sold in stores or in the catalogs. Her dream was for every child battling cancer to receive a bald doll so that they could feel confident, strong and courageous in their battles.

Aid us in helping Ella's dream come true:

  • Sponsor a doll - Your $150 can help a child feel confident in their own skin, and forget about what they're going through, even if for only a moment. We donate bald dolls and dolls with hair so that every child can receive a doll that best represents them.
  • Sponsor a bereavement painting - When a family we have served loses their child, we send their family an 8x10 painting of their child, by incredible artist Spencer Welch. Help bring a family a Glimmer of Hope in a very dark time.
  • Contribute to a "Best Day Ever" Photoshoot - Twice a year, we put on princess photoshoots for 12 girls battling cancer in a different state. These photoshoots include princess outfits, hair and makeup, catering, gift baskets and dolls for each child.

Help us spread Ella's message of HOPE. Thank you for making a tax deductible donation and making a child SMILE!

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