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Grants that fund our programs tend to be stable ongoing but not guaranteed therefore we invite larger donations including from organizations to provide financial stability and funding for new programs and funds for emergencies.

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Since 2006 helping refugees who do not know English nor their way around our system survive to become productive citizens with language and culturally adept helpers from their own communities providing help on-call 24-7. Functional English vital transaction scenario based training is also provided to 30 refugees per year to accomplish vital tasks in their lives without our intervention. In 2019 with a $19,000 budget three social workers served 133 unique clients and performed 566 assignments in accomplishing vital daily tasks such as finding employment, visiting a doctor, and finding low-cost housing. During 2020 COVID19 pandemic year in addition to virus testing and treatment we assistance 100 clients in finding rent subsidy and provided $26,000 grocery donation from the LDS Church. Our social work is funded by George S and Delores Dore Eccles Foundation, LDS Church, and Salt Lake County Mayor's Office. We also celebrate cultural diversity with a multi-ethnic performing arts festival supported by Salt Lake County Zoo Arts and Parks, Utah Department of Arts and Museums, and Salt Lake City Arts Culture and Events grant. We have received recognition from Lisa Eccles, President of George S and Delores Dore Eccles Foundation for providing critical services to many refugees in overcoming challenges and adapting to their new lives in Utah. Salt Lake American has received 2020 Gold Seal of Transparency from GuideStar. All Salt Lake American staff make a living elsewhere and are either unpaid volunteers or paid minimal compensation for direct social services for their work at Salt Lake American. We empower refugee communities to organize and enable themselves to self-manage themselves and their communities of which Somali Community Self-Management Agency is a prime example.

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