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Help me support American Lung Association's world class offerings of COVID-19 resources including world-class research, a helpline 1-800-LUNGUSA, credible info at Lung.Org, and free weekly webinars Mondays at 11 am PST.

Campaign Has Ended

As many of you have participated and donated to Team DD in support of lung health, in the last 6 years, I want to start by thanking you whole heartedly. I hope you know how grateful I am to each of you for your generosity.

Together we have made some astounding changes and progress. You can be assured your support is hard at work and effecting positive change through the American Lung Association.  The American Lung Association is offering many resources to all of us during this time of pandemic (visit and most importantly, it continues to invest heavily in research to end lung disease - and this investment has even led to findings that could help treat COVID-19. 

This work is vital now as our world is changing on a daily basis and this virus is affecting our respiratory systems throughout the world.  Many of you have asked me what we can do now and how we can help.

I am choosing to continue my support of the Lung Association, so our loved ones survive this and all lung health threats. 

I invite you to join me! Here’s how:  

1. The Fight For Air Climb event was supposed to take place on May 2nd in Los Angeles but since we can’t congregate and climb 63 levels of stairs together, I am committing to doing a virtual event with all of you. It will be an even bigger community since you can join online and participate with me.  I am hoping you can all come together as we “Fight For Air” in an Instagram live group workout. In this way we can raise funds while we show our support for this cause and patients struggling with lung health right now. I will post more details of the workout but it can be done from home with no equipment! We will end the workout with 19 mountain climbers to represent our ability to overcome COVID-19 and to honor the event we all believe in. 

2. I challenge you to post on or before May 2nd a photo or video to your social media of you doing 19 mountain climbers. Please use the hashtag #ClimbAgainstCovid and then challenge others to get involved as well. I have seen us join together as a force for change many times and know our community can make huge waves around the world with this movement.

3. Lastly I normally match all donations but this time around with our collective health in mind, I have purchased 150 masks as a small token of my appreciation for your support. Anyone who donates $25 or more between now and May 2nd, will personally be sent a Team DD reusable face mask with 4 carbon filters. The Lung Association joins the CDC, California Governor Newsom, Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti in urging all citizens to wear masks or face coverings to help. It is my hope and intention that these masks help us minimize the spread of this virus.  Please note that these aren’t the N95 masks that medical professionals need, but are a great option for personal use. 100% of the proceeds from this effort will be donated to the American Lung Association as we need funds for research and patients now more than ever! See the link here to donate! 

4. I invite any sponsors to match our collective efforts.  Please contact to collaborate.

Here is my WHY:

If by now you don't know my Grandma's story, I want to share it here in hopes it inspires you to join our force!!!

About Grandma Doris and Her Fight Again Lung Cancer

Doris was one of the most influential people in my life and a living example of love to all who encountered her. She was a selfless, vibrant, goofy, healthy NONsmoking 79 year old woman. The brightest of souls and tough as they came! She had survived breast cancer 5 years before and knew to cherish each breath given. The day after her 60th wedding anniversary she went into the doctor and was told she had bronchitis. She remained sick for a while and was diagnosed weeks later with stage 4 lung cancer. The cancer was very aggressive and spread quickly, to our shock and despair after less than 6 months she was taken from us! It wasn’t until about a year after her death we later found out the cause of her lung cancer which was, radon. Radon is the breaking down of uranium and was found in the soil around the basement of their home. It's odorless and colorless gas BUT can be tested for in homes if only we knew! The levels in their home and time of exposure eventually poisoned her and caused her lung cancer.

Lung Cancer is the #1 Cancer Killer in Women in the U.S.

Radon causes over 21,000 cases a year in the US alone, but it can be stopped! It wasn't until she was sick that I learned all these facts about lung cancer. I learned lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer of women in America and the death rate has doubled in the last few decades. I learned there is no early detection methods and it can happen to anyone, INCLUDING non-smokers, like her. She told me before passing she wished to have more time to inspire people with her story. So, I carry on her desire each day now with her strength beating in my heart. In her absence I have been given an opportunity. The opportunity to share her story to help others. The opportunity to use my voice and outreach. The opportunity to fight alongside those who are fighting and let them know they aren't alone. But more than that TOGETHER we have an opportunity to evoke change through American Lung Association. Fighting this disease takes victories in all forms and one dollar, one patient, one life and one breath at a time. I will do exactly this in honor of my Granny and hope you can be by my virtual side.

Join Me in the Fight Against COVID-19, Lung Cancer, and All Lung Health Threats. Together We Can Make a Difference!!!

I'm asking you to PLEASE join my Team DD, either again or for the first time for this virtual workout in lieu of the climb, on May 2, 2020! United we give, we climb, we heal, we fight... We find a cure!! All my gratitude and love ❤

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