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Journey to Esquire® Scholarship Fund
  • Donate Custom Amount
    Choose your custom amount. Every dollar makes a difference.
  • $15,000
    Cover the costs of an administrative assistant to help run the program. We are currently completely volunteer-run and led.
  • $10,000
    Scholarships for all Scholars in the program.
  • $2,000
    Scholarship for one Scholar to cover the cost of bar examination materials.
  • $1,000
    Help fund a scholarship for one of our awesome scholars to help cover the cost of bar examination preparation and study.
  • $500
    Essay Contest Award for 3 Middle School Students.
  • $100 per month
    Any amount helps us reach our goals of supporting our diverse law students. This amount will specifically help with encouraging others to donate as well. We get a $100 match for our first $100 raised! Ask your employer about matching donations.
  • $50 per month
    Cover the costs of the website, podcast and social media resources to help spread useful and encouraging information to diverse law students.
  • $25 per month
    Covers the costs of our G-Suite Services to maintain the learning modules our students go through to prepare to practice law.