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We are committed to stopping the deforestation of the Amazon rain-forest. More than 500 people are tweeting this weekly. @jairbolsonaro @MartinVizcarraC @alvorada_palace, @MichelTemer @Peru @IvanDuque @evoespueblo @MashiRafael @MOTPGuyana @govsuriname @maduro_en @Lenin Stop Deforestation NOW! Peru announced they will stop later this year!

Amazon Rain-forest issues!

1950 start deforestation

1957 Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide started current increase

1970’s trees and plants toppling over.

Burning of bio-mass each acre causes minimum 15 billion tons of carbon dioxide release annually (6 months). This is unaccounted for by The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. This massive release caused plants to grow to fast causing toppling and massive decay.

1990’s Changeover to oxygen sink and carbon dioxide producer. Massive decay causing the rain-forest to change to an oxygen sink and carbon dioxide producer. Fifteen billion annual tons of carbon dioxide from biomass burning.

60 billion tons annual carbon dioxide consumption lost from deforestation.

300-400 billion tons annual CO2 consumption loss from the switch over.

10-15 billion tons emissions from decay per annum.

We have lost 20%+ of Earths Oxygen production.
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