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    Choose your custom amount. Every dollar makes a difference.
  • $10 per month
    Be Our Sustaining Force - When you pledge to give monthly, you become a part of keeping us motivated and producing with a recurring reminder of how important the Arts are to you and our community.
  • $25
    Provide Access - We create opportunities for community members to participate in creating and enjoying Art. Your gift helps us keep our programming low-cost and accessible to adult and youth members of our community.
  • $50
    Provide Education - We strive to provide free and low-cost educational activities for youth and adults. Your gift will help us continue and expand this important programming through acting and tech workshops, partnership events, and training/tutorials.
  • $75
    Help Us Stay Safe - We miss you! We want to be able to create in-person theatre in a safe and clean environment. Your gift will help us maintain high cleanliness and safety standards.
  • $100
    Create New Art - Our Local Playwright Series program and short play festivals are reaching playwrights locally and abroad. Your gift helps us continue our outreach internationally, as well as increase support of Georgia playwrights.
  • $200
    Provide Bandwidth - Support high-speed internet services and essential software for one month so we can continue to deliver and expand quality Arts programming.
  • $250
    Help Keep Our Lights On - We love our historic home of over 20 years! Help us pay for utilities, supplies, and operational costs to maintain the Legion Theatre during this crisis.

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  • $500
    Be Our Champion - The Arts have never needed a champion more than right now. We're committed to finding ways to continue producing Art, and we're doing so as cost-efficiently as possible. Help us emerge from this crisis stronger and more accessible!