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Reaching our goal of $10,000 will provide 40,000 parents, teachers, and caregivers across America with the tools needed to help prevent bullying, mitigate its damaging effects, and reinforce positive self-esteem amongst youth and children.

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Be a Friend, Not a Bully!
October is National Bullying Prevention Month.

Since 2011, American SPCC has provided over 5,000,000 parents, teachers, and caregivers with the tools needed to build a brighter future.

160,000 kids per day skips school for fear of being bullied. Both kids who are bullied and who bully others may have serious, lasting problems.

Through our Learning Center, American SPCC provides resource kits to ensure that bullying mitigation and prevention tools are widely available for parents, teachers and caregivers in need. To help save even more children from the damaging effects of bullying, we need your help!

Resource kits include:

  • Tools to Define & Recognize Bullying
  • Bullying Impacts and Effects
  • Bullying Prevention and Safety Guidelines
  • Parent's Guide to Online Safety
  • Bullying in Schools - Teacher's Guide
  • Teen Depression & Suicide Prevention
  • How to Find Help & Support

By providing access to anti-bullying resources and tools online, we help millions of caregivers prevent the damaging effects of bullying. That means your gift today will provide immediate and proven life-changing impact for children in your community and across the nation.

This is important because there are children suffering from bullying right now.

Your donation will help children and youth build confidence and reinforce positive self-esteem to help them create a brighter future.

You have the power to create happy, healthy leaders of tomorrow!

As Sandra, our supporter shares: Our son has been the target of bullying, and we were led to American SPCC where they provided resources on the cause and physical effects of bullying as well as a guide to bullying prevention. Thank you American SPCC for all your hard work to STOP bullying.

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