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Reaching our goal of $25,000 will help go towards securing a lease for our first thrift store location allowing us to support pets and their families daily! We have found our location, off of Elliot & I-10, help us secure it NOW!

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Giving4Pets Thrift Store(s) was founded on the belief that no family should ever have to surrender their pet to a shelter, choose euthanasia, or abandon their pet, no matter their financial situation.

We are NOT a RESCUE– we will be the first organization dedicated to providing financial support for all pets healthcare, daily living care costs and long term care cost, while also reducing the number of animals in shelters and increase foster pet homes. #Giving4Pets

Say hello to Dr. Pan, she operates Desert View Animal Hospital which is located at 46th Street & Thomas, Phx, Az. Dr. Pan was the first local veterinarian to join our veterinarian network. In this video she shares with you "WHY" she supports the benefits the Giving4Pets Thrift store(s) will bring to our communities. Weekly, she is put in a position where the pet owner cannot afford treatment, it is heartbreaking, please watch the video!


All revenue generated from the Giving4Pets thrift store will go to providing financial assistance for pets healthcare, pet food, pet sitting, pet grooming, etc.

Our first thrift store location in Phoenix, Arizona off of Elliot Rd and I-10, will bring jobs to the community and begin our journey to support pets and their families, daily.


Every dollar makes a difference. The store we are going to open, will create unity within our neighborhoods to better serve our pets & their families and local animal hospitals who need us more than ever.

Please consider making a donation today!

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