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Reaching this goal will allow 300 more First Responders to attend basic level of Peer Support Team Education or provide many hours of counseling

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2020-2022 has been an incredible time with incredible challenges. These challenges have been magnified for First Responders. From being isolated from thier families to wearing tyvex suits to every days calls, to media storms effecting thier careers. First Responders experience not only thier own trauma's but the trauma of every call or event they respond to. Stress, irregular eating and sleeping habits, fear of the unknown, and guilt of leaving a family at home, all play a part in the mental and physical fatigue plaguing our First Responders. Your gift allows our First Responders or thier family members an opportunity to seek care by a culturally competitent Professional Counselor; who are invested in keeping our First Respodners happy, healthy and productive at work and at home.

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