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On September 7th, 2020 a hot, dry wind was blowing through the Santiam Canyon. On September 7th, 2020 that hot, dry wind blew down a tree which fell on a power pole at Upward Bound Camp. On September 7th, 2020 chain link fences lit up like walls of fire surrounding the Upward Bound Campus. On September 7th, 2020 Upward Bound Camp staff and 250 woodland fire fighters evacuated the campus. On September 7th, 2020 our community fire fighters came to put out a second round of fires at Upward Bound Camp. On September 7th, 2020 so many homes and properties were burning in Gates that the city water supply lost pressure, while fires were still burning. On September 7th, 2020 we lost our program and bunkhouse building, our gymnasium and our maintenance shed and our bus barn. And today... We have the opportunity to re-build Upward Bound Camp. To make it even better than it was before. The bricks that have been part of this campus for nearly a hundred years represent the solid foundation not only of the campus itself, but also of Upward Bound Camp. There are bricks in the chimneys and bricks in the foundation of the elementary school building. So many bricks. So much opportunity. These bricks will become part of the the renewal of Upward Bound Camp and the community of Gates. The Flamingo Grill will be a center piece of camp and community life. A fire pit, a grill, a seating area where we can gather as friends and family. When you purchase an Upward Bound Camp Brick you are supporting the reBuilding of our camp, our campus and a new place for the community of Gates to gather. Be a part of this new beginning! Buy a brick today and help us Celebrate New Beginnings at Upward Bound Camp in Gates, Oregon.

Upward Bound Camp is a tax-exempt public charity (federal tax ID #EIN: 93-0749992). All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your generous financial donation.