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Our Story

Our purpose is to instill in the individual the importance of economic development regarding longevity and self-sustainment from generation to generation. We instill a sense of urgency in the preparedness of one's community in the collective, for we are about the whole, not the part of a people in this ever-growing economy.

Real World EDA's Overarching Goal

Work together in an increasingly diversified economy of inclusivity for all with the expectations and desires of closing the economic gap in the economy through consistent and collective Economic Development.

Real World EDA's Objectives

  • Create an understanding of Emotional Intelligence at the age of four.
  • Continue the process at developing an economic development mindset.
  • Establish the adulthood progression and preparedness geared toward the Real World.
  • Forward the process to the next generation, establishing a pattern for the collective, acquiring eventual self-sustainment.
  • Create a cluster world of Economic Development people while expanding their Economic base.
  • Create an onset of economic development education in youth to carry them through adulthood, establishing a pattern of self-sustainment in the community.

Real World EDA Code of Ethics

    PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY Core Principle as professionals, we are responsible for adding value to THE ORGANIZATION and contributing to the ethical success of this organization. We accept professional responsibility for our individual decisions and actions. We advocate for THE ORGANIZATION by engaging in activities that enhance its credibility, value, and intent.

Learn more about us at https://realworldeda.com.

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