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Provide Essential Infrastructure for Drinking Water at the Nature Preserve
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    Choose your custom amount. Every dollar makes a difference.
  • $1,000
    Your magnificent $1000 gift would cover half the cost of one new solar-powered, energy-efficient well pump that will improve our irrigation system and ensure the adequate watering of young, vulnerable native plant seedlings.
  • $500
    Your incredible gift of $500 would provide the casing pipe for one well, which protects the well walls and prevents groundwater contamination.

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  • $250
    Your amazing gift of $250 will sponsor a field trip of 25 students to learn about and enjoy nature. Cache Creek Nature Preserve provides a setting for thousands of children to explore environmental education each year.
  • $150
    Your marvelous gift of $150 will provide irrigation supplies for 1/2 an acre of the Nature Preserve. These supplies, including sprinkler heads and pipes, are critical for the care and survival of the hundreds of young, delicate native plants.
  • $120
    Is free access to the Cache Creek Nature Preserve worth $10 a month to you and your family? If so, please consider a one-time $120 tax-deductible donation to help keep the gates open.
  • $75
    Your generous $75 gift will pay for one pound of native wildflower seeds that will provide a prime source of sustenance for native pollinators and colorful, cheerful displays in the spring for your viewing pleasure.
  • $50
    Your kind gift of $50 will pay to increase the depth of the existing well by one foot. The combination of deeper wells and upgraded pumps will improve irrigation and greatly increase the survival rate of seedlings at the Nature Preserve.
  • $25 per month
    Resolve to make a difference for a whole year.