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Choose Your Donation
  • Donate Custom Amount
    Choose your custom amount. Every dollar makes a difference.
  • $20
    Provide Food - Help provide healthy lunches and snacks for kids during the school day
  • $100
    Provide Bandwidth - Support high-speed internet services for one month ensuring internet access for distance learning in our Community Learning Hubs.
  • $250
    Provide Tutoring Support - Help pay for 5 hours of professional tutoring
  • $500
    Provide Access - Help pay for devices for kids who need them so they can participate in distanced learning.
  • $1,000
    Support Mental Health Services - Help pay for 10 hours of professional therapy/counseling during this stressful time.
  • $2,500
    Keep Our Staff and Buildings Safe- Help pay for PPE and cleaning supplies while we stay open as an Essential Business.
  • $5,000
    Support College Access - Help pay for the College Prep Program for two teens for a year.
  • $10,000
    Stand With Us - Ensure that when we come out of this crisis, we will emerge stronger and ready to meet the needs of youth and families who have been most severely impacted by this pandemic.

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