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The Story of Elephants and Bees.

Elephant incursion into homesteads and crops is a big problem. In one raid, a single elephant can eat or destroy the livelihood of an entire family. But, there is a natural remedy to this. Elephants are afraid of bees because they can sting the soft tissue around their eyes and ears. If we string beehives around a crop or homestead, this serves as a natural barrier to the elephants while creating a sustainable honey product that a family can sell at market. It's a win-win situation.

Twelve one-pint jars of honey were donated by a local honey producer in Brighton, Colorado for us to sell as a fundraiser for beehives. Each $25 jar of honey purchased provides funding for half of one beehive. But, we realize that not everyone wants or enjoys honey so we are offering a way to help through a simple donation that will go toward the purchase of beehives for our conservation partners in Tanzania, Africa.

Thank you for your conservation patronage!

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