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A $5,000 goal will support our mission of assisting seniors and other vulnerable populations plan for the future, through free estate planning resources and events! Make your impact today!

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Support Triage Cancer’s Efforts to Help Individuals Protect Their Families

Planning for the future can be overwhelming, especially when navigating a serious illness like cancer. Lacking straightforward information on estate planning, many people avoid it altogether. An NBC news poll found that most Americans are not preparing: less than half of all Americans have a will; barely 40% have an advance directive; and just over 50% have retirement income or planned for emergency expenses. Clearly, people do not have the information and resources they need to make these critical decisions.

Help us connect seniors, people managing chronic illnesses like cancer, and other vulnerable populations with the resources they need to plan for the future!

Triage Cancer provides free educational materials in a variety of formats to try to reach as many people as possible with critical information about the practical and legal issues that may impact the financial toxicity of a cancer diagnosis.

To connect people with the resources they need to plan their futures, we are:

  • Releasing a free Toolkit to Estate Planning: This toolkit provides state-specific resources for estate planning, including wills, advance directives, and more.
  • Distributing more physical copies of the Quick Guide to Estate Planning (in English and Spanish) to individuals, health care providers, and other organizations. Read our Quick Guide to Estate Planning here.
  • Hosting a free webinar on Estate Planning: Attendees will learn about how estate planning is something that all adults should do to plan ahead to protect their family members, their finances and property, and their medical decision-making rights. We will also cover the various documents that should be included in an estate plan and key things to consider during the process. Plus, we will send physical copies of relevant materials to attendees, free of charge. You can register for this August 11th webinar here.
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