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Help Make Prenatal Yoga Accessible to Women of Color

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You have the power to help women of color have access to the stress-relieving, confidence-boosting benefits of yoga through 2022.

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There is a large disparity that impacts women of color during pregnancy. Compared to white women, women of color largely lack access to health care and mindfulness tools that will aid them during pregnancy. As a result, childbearing has and continues to become a deadly experience.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Minority Health Disparities report, "The percentage of black mothers without prenatal care was significantly higher compared to white mothers in 2016." Research also states that "The 2016 infant mortality rate for blacks in Pennsylvania was three times higher than the rate for whites."

A journey that is designed to bring joy to families and bring a precious life into the world is now a life and death experience due to the lack of proper health care, mental health services, and mindfulness spaces for women of color.

In other, for us to have a better world, we must ensure that women of color have access to all that they need in order to deliver their bundle of joy into the world while preserving their own life! Yoga 4 Philly is committed to walking alongside women of color and their partners during their prenatal and postnatal journey.

You have the power to help Yoga 4 Philly reach our $10k goal to help provide FREE Prenatal yoga classes to women of color and their partners through 2022. Yoga & Meditation should be accessible to everyone - period.

Yoga 4 Philly, 501c3 exist to make peace, love, and healing accessible to everyone through yoga and meditation.

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