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Currently, the primary goal of The Peace Project is to draw attention and end the cultural, and by the UN's standards literal, genocide of the Uyghur people of China. We believe condoning the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will set the global precedent that fascism and genocide is accepted, in an era where technology can be used to increase efficiency to alarming rates.

The Peace Project has partnered with Campaign for Uyghurs and intends to focus all resources on fighting for the Uyghur people. Media and technology are tools that are being abused to destroy the Uyghur people – we want to use those same tools to let the world know it’s time to take action. We have produced content that explains the issue in a tangible way, and spotlights/humanizes Uyghur individuals. Now we need your help to spread the word. Governments and businesses are unlikely to act without the public pushing them in the right direction by continuing to call out and shed light on the atrocities. Visibility is the first step to acknowledgement.

Help us build a movement to renew our oath to humanity and stand against genocide.

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