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Match for Minmahaw 2021!
  • Donate Custom Amount
    Choose your custom amount. Every dollar makes a difference.
  • $10
    Your donation of $10, matched becomes $20 and helps pay to keep a roof over the student's heads, the lights on, the water running. So necessary!
  • $25 per month
    Your donation of $25/month, matched = $600/year, will fully support the acting principal for one month! The school would not run without this person caring for every student and every aspect of school life.

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  • $50
    Your gift of $50 will buy rice for one week for all 40 students at Minmahaw School. Matched to $100, it will provide rice for two weeks!
  • $100
    Your donation of $100 will support 1 student for one month at Minmahaw School! Matched, $200 will support 2 students for one month. Support includes 5 classes/day, accommodation, daily meals, all school supplies, and access to computers for learning.
  • $250
    Your donation of $250 will support rent and water costs for the garden which Minmahaw students cultivate. Students grow tomatoes, eggplant, and chilies for their meals. Matched to $500, you can support the garden for almost the entire year!
  • $500
    Your donation of $500 will fully support one student for half the year at Minmahaw Schhol. Matched to $1,000, it will fully support 1 student for the entire year!