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Project Safety Nest emergency housing for survivors.

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Hello Friends!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. 1 in 7 high school students have considered suicide within the past school year. Every 2 hours & 11 minutes a person under the age of 25 dies by suicide.

Domestic violence is associated with depression, anxiety, PTSD and substance abuse. Women who experience domestic abuse are twice as likely to experience depression. Exposure to domestic violence has a significant impact on children's mental health.

Domestic violence and teen dating violence is on the rise. This means that the sheer number of people who have called us seeking refuge have increased exponentially.

People have lost jobs due to the pandemic. They have lost safe spaces to stay, and so many of the people who were relying on unemployment had their benefits quickly run out. There are simply not enough facilities to house victims. So, victims are being turned away because these places are full or because the individual does not have enough money to stay the night.

This is where you can make a huge difference in the lives of the people we serve. We are looking for land to build a new facility or rebab a building. However, while we are working on that, we will be opening a safe house called Project Safety Nest.

This home will provide emergency housing for victims so that they have a safe place for them to escape to. I’m not sure if you have ever been in a domestic violence relationship, but that’s one thing that is needed to get out... A safe place to stay.

Please donate to Project Safety Nest to help a survivor in need. Let them know that there are still caring people who want to help them.

There are 2 options to donate. You can purchase a Hello Bestie bracelet for $25; or donate to the link provided. Also, 100% of the proceeds from Bead the Purpose goes directly back to Quality Day Foundation. Every bracelet bought; one is given to a domestic violence survivor.

Thank you for supporting our life saving mission.

With Love,


P.S. To buy a beaded bracelet please shop Beadthepurpose.com All proceeds will go towards Project Safety Nest.

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