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Help Us Develop Truly Affordable Housing
  • Donate Custom Amount
    Choose your custom amount. Every dollar makes a difference.
  • $10
    Every little bit helps! This amount covers the cost of a tube of caulk, needed to create a flexible seal between windows and walls.
  • $25
    This amount can purchase 20 square feet of flooring material, a gallon of tile adhesive, or 60 feet of rebar.
  • $25 per month
    At this level, you are a true hero, enabling the purchase of a micro-studio's flooring material after a full year of monthly giving.
  • $50
    Buys enough hemp fiber insulation to fill the exterior wall of a bathroom. (Hempcrete, a product of hemp and lime binder works as insulation, is fire- and pest-retardant, is vapor-permeable, and reduces carbon by absorbing carbon dioxide.)
  • $150
    Buys a brand-new toilet. Nobody wants a used one. Also can buy a truckload of gravel. Gotta have proper drainage.

    Thank You for Including a Tip

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