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Check your calendar! Getting to $10,000 means we can run this program throughout the year and continue to offer this service to the community!

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Join us this Giving Tuesday to kick-off fundraising for our project Another Way of Looking.

2020 was scheduled to be a banner year. Studio 210 turned 40 years old, and we planned to celebrate the longevity and legacy of this creative space with parties, performances, and group hugs. Instead, we find ourselves in a battle for the studio’s survival, facing down innumerable unknowns and hard realities. These hard realities are not going away, but neither are we.

Another Way of Looking will solidify the future of Studio 210 by adding tools for video production and reconnecting our community through digital platforms. Studio 210 will begin offering space rentals specifically for streaming or documenting classes and performances, along with coordinating these services for renters. We hope to grow this project to provide subsidized rentals and create educational opportunities for performing artists.

We're kicking off our fundraising campaign by aiming to get 100 donors by Giving Tuesday. Will you help us?

Photo by Robbie Sweeny; Pictured Beth Wilmurt, 2015 Studio 210 Resident

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