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Our Families Need Us: We're Giving $200K in Grocery Gift Cards

Paul Lanyi: One Voice Angel


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Paul Lanyi: One Voice Angel

For about 13 years, I have been working with OneVoice to bring food and joy to families in the LA area around the holidays.  Moving tons of goods around Barker Hangar on a forklift is super fun, but FAR better are the smiles I see on the faces of parents, grandparents and kids who might otherwise not have a special meal for the holidays.  Please help me, help them, especially this year.

Last year we gave $100 Ralphs food cards to 2,000 families. We need your help to do that again.

We were so hopeful that this year we could resume our 37-year traditional Holiday Food Program. But we just can't.

With the pandemic still with us and with vaccines unavailable to preschool children, the joyous gatherings at the giveaway and the Barker Hangar are just not possible.

But with your generous hearts we will not let our families down! We want to make sure that again this year, 2,000 low income Head Start families will be able to celebrate the holidays with plentiful food knowing that we care.

Please help us.

For every $25 donation, we will send you a holiday card to give as a gift.

We were truly touched by the generosity of so many of you who helped us give our families $100 food cards last year during the holidays so they could celebrate at home. We were told by the Head Start social workers and in thank you letters from the families how much receiving those food cards and feeling cared about meant during a time of such isolation and hardship due to COVID-19.

Remembering and supporting our families in their time of need particularly during the holidays, means more than just the gifts we give. It brings hope. It's a reminder that they are not alone and that people care. Please help now. The more you give, the more we can do.

History of the One Voice Holiday Food Program

What began in 1983 with just seventy families now helps 2,000 families, or about 10,000 people, every year. For the last 37 years, the One Voice Holiday Food Program has provided Christmas food baskets, toys and books to Head Start families living in poverty in the Los Angeles area. All of the families meet federal and state mandated poverty levels.

Our Holiday Food Program depends on the support and involvement of people living within our community. Over 2,000 volunteers come together every year at the Barker Hangar to sort and package the food during the week before the actual giveaway, and most importantly, are on hand at our various Head Start distribution centers to personally give out the food with a sense of caring and family involvement.

Living in poverty is especially hard during the holidays when there are no resources to make the holiday special. The food, toys, books and celebration provided by the One Voice volunteers bring much needed hope to families living in poverty that lasts well beyond the holiday season.

One Voice is a tax-exempt public charity (federal tax ID #953900124). All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your generous financial donation.