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Ready, Set, Spring | Building BLOC Mentorship Event
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  • $50
    Provide Virtual Mentorship - Help pay for 1 year of mentorship for a high school student which provides academic and career guidance during the pandemic and beyond.
  • $500
    Provide Virtual Mentorship - Help pay for annual usage for 10 high school students, which ensures that they and their peers have access to academic and career guidance.
  • $1,000
    Sponsor a High School Class - Cover onboarding and training costs for a class of high school students to use our platform and gain personal and career development opportunities,
  • $2,000
    Sponsor an Entire School - Support an entire school of students to use our virtual mentorship platform and gain access to a full network of mentors.
  • $5,000
    Stand With Us - Ensure that as we recover from the global crisis, we will be stronger and ready to serve more students and families.