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  • $20 per month
    $20 provides educational supplies for ABBA residents for 1 day. Rather than allowing long-term residents to languish all day, LARF supports an educational program that provides practical skills for migrants.

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  • $30 per month
    $30 provides 1 pair of crutches for an amputee. ABBA is the only shelter in Mexico that houses long-term migrants who have suffered the loss of a limb, a common hazard of riding atop La Bestia, the fast-moving cargo train.
  • $40 per month
    $40 provides monthly psychiatric medication for a migrant. ABBA's staff includes a full-time trained psychologist who is able to provide mental heath care to traumatized migrants.
  • $50 per month
    $50 pays for 1 set of x-rays for an amputee. ABBA is the only shelter in Mexico providing prostheses for amputees. During their long recovery period, migrants require several sets of x-rays.