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Every month, hundreds of migrants pass through the doors of Albergue ABBA, a migrant shelter in Celaya, Mexico. On their journey north to the US, or south to their home country, most stay for just a night, eager to continue on. Some stay for longer: those who have suffered amputations as a result of a fall from the train known as La Bestia, or others who are seeking refugee status in Mexico. For them, ABBA is a temporary home, a place to find their footing while contemplating their next steps. These residents benefit greatly from the educational programs ABBA provides: practical skills to take with them when they move on, as well as primary education that they may never have received.

With your sustained support, ABBA is able to provide the following:

  • An educational program for long-term residents, focusing on in-demand practical skills
  • Ongoing medical care, physical therapy, and rehabilitation to migrants who have suffered amputations
  • Mental health care and support by a trained full-time psychologist
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