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  • Donate Custom Amount
    Choose your custom amount. Every dollar makes a difference.
  • $25 per month
    Every dollar helps! This gift goes directly towards Dwell with Dignity's mission of helping families escape poverty and homelessness through design one household at a time.
  • $100 per month
    This generous monthly gift would cover the first meal two families eat in their newly transformed home.

    Thank You for Including a Tip

    Dwell with Dignity is using Kindest as our online giving software tool. Leaving an optional tip to Kindest helps them alleviate fundraising costs for nonprofits like ours.
  • $250
    This donation amount would cover the dining table for a family to host all future family dinners.
  • $500
    A gift at this level covers the food and groceries for two weeks for a local family.
  • $1,000
    This generous donation covers everything needed for the kitchen and dining room transformations for a family.