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Help Save Homeless Animals
  • Donate Custom Amount
    Choose your custom amount. Every dollar makes a difference.
  • $15
    A $15 donation buys a martingale collar that provides safety for a dog while staying at the shelter as well as during walks and meet & greets with potential adopters.
  • $25
    A $25 donation covers the cost of a microchip which ensures a lost dog is reunited with their family and prevents owned pets from entering the shelter system.
  • $50
    A $50 donation provides puppy food and for a litter of puppies and their mom for a week.
  • $75
    A $75 donation covers toys and/or bones for 10 dogs to enjoy as enrichment during their stay at the shelter.
  • $100
    A $100 donation covers the initial veterinary exam and the core vaccines that are required for each dog brought into the Foundation.
  • $150
    A $150 donation helps cover the spay and/or neuter of a dog to prevent future homeless pets and other longterm complications of a dog remaining intact.
  • $250
    A $250 donation buys a whelping box that provides a safe & comfortable environment for a new momma dog to care for her puppies.

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