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2021 Tim Russert Summer Groove
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    Choose your custom amount. Every dollar makes a difference.
  • $5,000
    Support our 11 intramural sports: Basketball, Flag Football (Fall & Spring), Soccer (Winter & Spring), Boxing, Tennis, Cheerleading, Dodgeball, Field Hockey, Golf, LAX, & Sailing.

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  • $2,500
    Support the annual Drama Matters Play, put on every year by our members in May!
  • $1,000
    Support our ACK teens and Teen Program, where the Club provides extended hours on Friday and Saturday nights for middle school and high school members.
  • $750
    The cost of a child's school year membership, which includes all athletics, extended Club hours, free snacks and lunches, and educational programming.
  • $500
    Support our socially distant Family Fun Nights! Examples include our outdoor Easter Egg Hunt at DeadHorse Valley and Nights at the Dreamland Drive-In.
  • $100
    Donate to our COVID relief fund, which purchases PPE, hand-washing stations, sanitizing equipment, summer camp tents, and gym cameras so that parents can stream basketball and soccer games live.