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  • $15
    Will provide one (1) caxixi, a handwoven handheld shaker which accompanies the berimbau but can be played alone in different Sambas as well as maculele.
  • $25
    Will provide for one (1) triangle to be used in Capoeira, Samba de Coco, and Frevo. ticky ticky ticky ticky.
  • $40
    Will provide one (1) Ganza, a 14" long aluminum shaker used for Samba de Coco, Frevo, and Maculele.
  • $100
    Will provide one (1) berimbau, the principle instrument for capoeira.
  • $125
    WIll provide one (1) pandeiro, a tambourine-esque hand drum which is used in ALL Brazilian cultural rhythms throughout the country and our Performing Arts programs
  • $250
    WIll provide a trio of berimbaus. Three (3) berimbaus together create a chord and produced a balanced sound for capoeira and Samba de Roda. Three berimbaus, three caxixis, and three baquetas.
  • $300
    Alfaias are reminiscent of the drums used during the Revolutionary War: wood for the body, animal skin for the drum, and rope to tie it all together. These drums are crafted by hand by artisans in Brazil and are used in Samba de Coco.