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Your generous support allows us to help thousands of migrants and refugees find a safe haven at ABBA House.

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Give Big to Migrants and Refugees in Mexico

Through your generosity, the Latin American Fund and Albergue ABBA have been able to provide aid and shelter to thousands of migrants passing through Mexico. Since opening its doors five years ago, ABBA has served over 25,000 men, women, and children transiting through Mexico in search of safety or opportunity.

One of those 25,000 people is Flor*, a 12-year old girl from Honduras. Last year, Flor and her mother fled their home to seek safety in the US. They had reached Celaya, Mexico, the half-way point in their journey north. Standing in the roadway, begging for money to pay for a place to stay for the night, mother and child were struck by a car, leaving them with matching severe injuries to their legs.

Fortunately, Flor and her mother were welcomed at Albergue ABBA, which has housed them and nursed them through multiple surgeries over the past 18 months. The pair still have several more surgeries ahead of them on their road to recovery.

With your generous donations, we have been able to

  • provide wheelchairs and crutches, medications and bandages for Flor and an increasing number of migrants injured in their journey
  • create an educational program for long-term shelter residents such as Flor and her mother, as well as asylum-seekers and amputees
  • Help purchase a Van used to transport Flor and her mother to their numerous medical and legal appointments, asylum seekers to the Immigration office in San Miguel de Allende.
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Can we count on your support? Please donate $20 to pay for educational materials, $50 for x-rays for an amputee, or commit to becoming a sustaining LARF AMIGO and donate $50 or more monthly.
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