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Reaching a goal of $500 will go towards supporting new High School Enlistee Recognition Ceremonies throughout the nation to provide family, peer, and community support for our young patriots.

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Hear from to Blue Star Moms that both leaned on Our Community Salutes while their children transitioned into military life.


To recognize and honor high school enlistees and their commitment to military service and to provide parents/guardians of enlistees with community support as their son or daughter transition into military service.


During the holiday season we see wonderful discounts to purchase gifts for our loved ones, but let’s not forget the gift our high school enlistees grant us all year long. They are the 1% of each graduating class to raise their hand to protect our gifts of freedom and safety.

Medal of Honor recipient, Clint Romesha

“Seniors, you inspire me. With this choice that you are about to make, you will demonstrate a depth of character that is both rare and precious because it is rooted in a commitment that extends far beyond your own interests to embrace something greater than yourself. I believe that each and every one of you harbors the potential for greatness.”


We remind people not to wait to show our appreciation, we must say thank you first. Every dollar makes a difference and our young patriots are counting on us, together.

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