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Masterclass - The Art of Plating | Building BLOC Annual Fundraiser
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  • $5
    **Students or New to Building BLOC** Get to know Building BLOC for the first time at our annual fundraising event. Every donation helps, empowering future generations of high school students.
  • $30
    Join our "Art of Plating" Masterclass on 11/6 from the comfort of your own home - AND help empower the future generations! $30 is suggested donation per each program attendance.
  • $60
    Provide Virtual Mentorship - Help pay for 1 high school student’s annual usage of our mentorship program which helps them navigate the academic and career options as we recover from the pandemic.
  • $100
    Sponsor Mentor Training - Help pay for the training costs of mentors so that students can have access to a diverse pool of mentors to help them understand post-secondary options.
  • $500
    Sponsor a Virtual Internship - Support a student’s virtual internship which allows them to build resume and gain work experience in a safe and secure environment.
  • $1,500
    Sponsor a High School Class - Cover onboarding and training costs for a class of students to use our platform and gain personal and career development opportunities,
  • $3,000
    Stand With Us - Ensure that when we come out of the crisis, we will be stronger and ready to serve more students and families who have been severely impacted by this pandemic.