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A brighter future is so close we can almost reach out and grab it! Your donation allows us to expand our life-saving resources and deliver them to those in need. This is the year for change, let’s unite to end child abuse now.

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Child Abuse Will Kill 1,800 Children in America This Year...Unless We Act Now.

At American SPCC, we strive to be the voice for children in America. However, child abuse isn’t something we can tackle alone, it takes all of us.

We’ve helped over 5 million parents and caregivers so far, but our work is far from over.

Join us in gifting children a brighter future today!

So, how does your donation help?

  • Each donation allows us to manage and expand our Learning Center - a resource designed to build healthier childhoods by focusing on vital areas such as child abuse, adverse childhood experiences, and child safety (among others)
  • Through donations, our Learning Center provides free accessible educational resources to all parents and caregivers
  • 100% of your donation goes directly toward supporting our cause – thanks to our fully-online nature!

Your valued contribution always makes a direct impact and every dollar counts. Take a stand for children in need today!

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